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12 Easy Hacks to Drink More Water Every Day

Everybody knows that water is a necessary thing so that your body works properly. The frustrating thing is that not everybody manages to consume the recommended quantity – 2 liters. We offer you the solution: some tricks that will help you with this matter for sure.

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  1. Change the water taste

Drinking water over and over again may become quite a torture as it has no taste. To improve that, you can add a slice of fruit or even vegetables. You will love it.

  1. Buy an intelligent water bottle

There is an intelligent bottle called ‘Hydrate Me Smart Water Bottle’ which can help you count the water quantity. Together with the appropriate app downloaded on your phone, these two items make the perfect team.

  1. Avoid alcohol dehydration

You must probably know that alcohol dehydrates your body. In order avoid that, you have to adopt a very simple rule: consume equal parts of water and alcohol.

  1. Drink water between toilet break

Link the water consumption with going to the bath. Since you get up for your needs, you can pass by the kitchen on your way back. Refill your water glass.

  1. Dilute your favorite drink with water

Even if it sounds strange, this combination can combine with success both pleasure and need. Just pour equal quantity of water and juice or iced tea and enjoy.

  1. Count your glasses

If it is too hard for you to monitor the quantity of water consumed, you can use an app, which will count it for you. They are free!

  1. Consume foods rich in water

You can cut the water quantity to drink if you know what foods to eat. You can opt for foods rich in water such as cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini or grapefruit.

  1. Mark your bottle

A very easy way to make sure you drink enough water is to use a marked bottle. You can either buy one or make it yourself. Mark either the hours or the quantity.

  1. Keep the water source next to you

If you manage to have a carafe with water close to your desk it will be easier for you to be aware that you must drink more water.

  1. Filter the water

A water filter is never a bad choice. When you filter the water you can actually change its taste.

  1. Drink water before your meals

Another easy way to make sure you drink enough water is to have a glass before every meal. Apart from being healthy, it will also give you the sensation of satiety, preventing you from eating too much.

  1. Avoid soda

Even though it’s zero calorie, soda can be quite dangerous. Replace it with mineral or sparkling water and add in it a slice of lemon. It will be as if you drank soda.



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