The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, being a support for many of its functions.  Because it helps your body function properly, the liver must stay healthy, and you are responsible for its status. Knowing your body will allow you to discover in time any possible damage that prevents your liver form working properly.

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12 signs that indicate your liver is sick

Abdominal transformations

A constant pain and cramping in the inferior part of your abdomen along with bloating could be a symptom of ascites, a disease which announces you that your liver is not well. At the same time, portal hypertension can occur; which means that the blood pressure in the abdominal cavity and the veins reaches high levels.

Troubled stomach

When your stomach is upset, the most common signs are vomiting and nausea. Even though these signs can indicate other problems such as motion sickness, pregnancy, vertigo, migraines, food poisoning or depression, a persistence of these two factors can announce the incapacity of the liver to flush out toxins. Still, in order to be sure that these symptoms do not come from other condition, we recommend you to consult a doctor.

Fluid retention

One of the first factors that announce a sick liver is the fluid retention. The affection touches your legs, which will look puffy. The most common causes of water retention are: lymphatic disease, kidney issues, hormonal imbalance or heart issues.

Digestion issues

Because the liver is responsible for the bile production, it is of vital importance to keep it healthy. Once damaged, diarrhea and indigestion can appear. Other diseases such as alcohol intolerance, constipation, gallstones, fatty food intolerance, abdominal bloating or irritable bowel syndrome can affect you in case that your liver does not produce sufficient bile.

Fatigue and weakness

A sick liver can also make you feel without energy and tired all the time. In fact, a chain reaction occurs: the liver cannot ensure the toxin removal from your system, therefore all your body needs to cover its deficiency. As a consequence, it will need more rest.

Constipation and intestinal bleeding

Diarrhea or intestinal bleeding can also be a result of the liver malfunction. Basically, it doesn’t produce any clotting factors, which use to support platelets in coagulating the blood and therefore bleeding cannot be prevented anymore.


Icterus is an affection known for the yellow color of the skin, eyes, finger tips and tongue. It is determined by a high level of the bilirubin in the blood. However, to be 100% sure consult a specialist.

Abdominal pain

A very strong and persistent pain at the level of your abdomen should worry you, as it is generally a mark of a damaged liver.

Loss of appetite

The lack of bile implicitly steals your appetite. On one hand, it can be a good sign, as it may help your body with the fat digestion. On the other hand, the loss of appetite can lead to a sudden and serious weight loss.


Different urine color

A sudden change in the color of your urine can indicate a damaged liver. Usually, these changes are provoked by too much bilirubin in the blood, which turn your urine brown or orange. In this case the livers doesn’t allow its elimination, function taken by the kidneys.

Different stool color

The lack of bile can also lead to a change in the color of your stool. In other words, a continuous yellow of gray color of your stool should be enough reason for a medical consultation.

Skin irritation

When your liver fails to do its purpose, the skin can be very sensitive to the point it can barely stand to be touched. This happens because its surface is full of bruises and visible veins which cause irritation and dryness. By constantly applying a moisture, you will not manage to solve but temporary the situation. When your liver will regain its health, everything will go back to normal.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a serious disease, which can produce serious changes among men. For instance, their libido can be reduced and little breasts can occur. These less common signs, could hide a severe affection, so visit a doctor as soon as possible.



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