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Find out what type of cellulite you have and how you can get rid of it

There are many cellulite types, and for the type that you have you can find the most effective treatment. Each cellulite type evolves different on various parts of the body. A woman can have multiple cellulite types simultaneously, and identify each treatment to get rid of it. See the characteristics!

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Soft cellulite

Gives your skin a soft, flabby look and it feels the same. It usually appears in areas where the body stores more fat: arms, thighs, butt and abdomen. Usually begin to appear at the age of 30. The best solution to get rid of cellulite is to lose weight slowly and soft and to start eating food with quality protein. You have to do workouts with exercises for toning the muscles and increasing resistance. You can apply creams that improve the circulation in areas affected by cellulite. Different types of electro-stimulation treatments are effective in this case.

Hard cellulite

Cellulite is tough and solid; it is very common on young women and can be found on the hips and thighs. The first and most obvious sign of cellulite, it looks like orange peel. Cellulite can begin to appear hard from adolescence and without a proper treatment gets removed very hard. In some cases, cellulite can be painful to touch.

To get rid of hard cellulite you must begin treatments at the first signs of emergence. An effective treatment against cellulite is called mesotherapy, which involves injecting certain natural extracts and vitamins into the mesoderm layer, to act directly on the issue. Cosmetic cellulite-creams be used as well, but they just hide cellulite and once you stop applying it the cellulite will be visible again.

Edematous cellulite

This cell type is the least common but the most difficult to treat. This occurs due to poor blood circulation, aggravate by fluid retention. It usually appears on the feet, at the bottom (calf) beginning to lose the defined forms. Skin feels spongy and can be painful.

To treat edematous cellulite must first treat the problem of fluid retention. Besides, you have to do light exercise, such as cycling, walking or swimming. Medicinal stockings can be helpful, as Scottish showers (alternating hot and cold water). You should also avoid foods that promote fluid retention, drainage massage is very good.


Find out what type of cellulite you have and how you can get rid of it


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