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How to whiten teeth with turmeric

Although at first glance, turmeric plant stains the teeth, but the exotic anticancer spice actually helps to whiten them. See how to to have whiter teeth with turmeric.

How to whiten teeth with turmeric plant (turmeric powder)

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Wet your toothbrush (which will be very stained with yellow color afterwards, but it is better to have a yellow toothbrush and white teeth than vice versa, right?) and soak it in turmeric powder.

Rub the teeth nicely as if you would be brushing them normally and then in place of rinsing the orange turmeric paste with water, let it act for 3-5 minutes.

Rinse and wash your teeth with tooth paste as usual. Some people observe a spontaneous teeth whitening effect, while others need more applications for visible results.


How to whiten teeth with turmeric! Get visible results now!


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