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Lemons vs Limes. Which one is better for your health?

Lemons and limes are different in aspect and taste, but on the inside their characteristics are the same. In other words, they are both rich in vitamin C and B9, nourishing deeply your body. Also, they both contain high levels of limonoids, a component that reduces the risk of Cancer. Let’s see how similar they are.

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They have a similar nutrient content

Studies have proven that if you weight the two citrus fruits, you will see that they have the same nutritional value. To be more specific they contain 2-3% of the daily intake of vitamin B9, 30 calories and 2.8 grams of dietary fiber. There is a small difference, that in fact has no effect on your body: limes are richer in carbs than lemons.

They are both rich in vitamin C

One of the predominant nutrients in limes and lemons is vitamin C. However, the percentage is not equal. Lemons contain a higher dose of vitamin C than limes, but this difference is not that valuable as the concentration is high in both cases.

After all, even though people prefer only one of the two fruits, it is not necessarily because they have different nutritious values, but because of their taste.



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